Serious Protection For Your Investment

Vision Security Technologies provides 24/7/365 service through VIP, Vision Investment Protection. Whether your electronic security system is a basic IP-based video or access control system or is a fully integrated security management system, it is a serious investment that deserves protection. VIP is a customized maintenance and service plan that can help uncover potential problems before they arise and provide on-site and remote response, protecting your investment.

Consistency and continuity in protecting your facility are keywords for Vision Security Technologies. VIP is crucial to that consistency. Our Customer Support Group (CSG) consists of highly trained service technicians that cover our entire geographical area. Vision CSG is always prompt in our response as we understand the importance of servicing your systems in a timely manner. VIP protects your system, just as your system protects your facility. For those currently considering a security installation, we will evaluate your facility and provide a comprehensive needs analysis. If your facility is protected by an existing electronic security system, we will appraise your system to help determine the appropriate maintenance plan level.

VIP is made up of maintenance and service plan levels that, like your system, can grow and change. The complexity of your facility’s system will determine the maintenance and service plan level that is best suited to your needs. Your plan can then be customized based on your precise needs and may be increased as your electronic security system expands.

Vision Investment Protection is for clients requiring priority response, routine software upgrades, and a fixed annual service budget. VIP is customizable to include all or some of the following:

  • 24/7 priority contact with a VST representative
  • Guaranteed response
  • Emergency weekend response
  • System updates
  • Discounted rates
  • Customer portal
  • Preventative maintenance

We believe every aspect of your integrated security management system should be updated, not outdated.

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