Important updates have been made to Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software and the Avigilon H3, H4 and H5 platform camera firmware to mitigate a buffer overflow vulnerability.

Customers are advised to upgrade ACC™ software and camera firmware to take advantage of the updates. For the H5SL camera line, this requires a two-stage firmware upgrade. Please see the table below for the full list of cameras and associated firmware versions.

Customers can take any of the following steps to upgrade their camera firmware:

  • Customers using ACC 7.14.0 or later may download individual camera firmware FP files or download the Complete Avigilon Device Firmware FP file by searching “complete” in the search bar and use ACC Remote Site Upgrade to apply the update.
  • Customers may also download individual camera firmware FP files and apply them to multiple cameras simultaneously using the Motorola Solutions Camera Configuration Tool (CCT).
  • Customers can also apply the individual camera firmware BIN files to each camera using its WebUI directly.

H5SL customers who choose to apply upgrades using the WebUI may require a two-stage process to upgrade, depending on their current camera firmware:

  • or lower: Customers should upgrade to, and then upgrade to If the cameras are reverted by the physical revert button, customers will need to repeat the two-stage upgrade.

Note: Firmware packages applied through ACC or Avigilon Cloud Services updates or applied with CCT or later will contain both of these firmware versions and these H5SL cameras will be automatically upgraded in the proper sequence. or later: Customers should upgrade directly to


Avigilon Control Center™ N/A ACC 7.12.6 or ACC 6.14.26
H4 Pro T290
H4 Thermal T207
H4 Video Intercom T209
H5M T603
H5A Box, Bullet and Dome T500
H5A Fisheye T505
H5A PTZ T502
H5A Dual Head T504
H4 Multisensor T404
H5SL T600 See above for details
H5 Explosion-Protected T511
H4 PTZ T202
H4 IR PTZ T206
H5 Pro T790
H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection T217
H3 Microdome T103
H3 Dome and Box T100
H3 Bullet T101
H3 PTZ T102
H4SL T300
H4M T303
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