Office, retail, and multi-family

Office buildings require access control and IP-based video to help property management companies control perimeters and interior doors and elevators, as well as parking lots and decks. Vision Security Technologies works with Colonial Properties and EGS to secure their office spaces. Systems are designed so that individual tenants can have their own systems and use the same cards to enter with a vehicle, in addition to gaining access into and around the building. This provides added value for property management companies to sell to tenants.

Colonial Brookwood Village and the Daniel Corporation in Leeds, Alabama, are two of our retail clients. Retail locations use IP-based video to protect their inventory and staff, not to mention their customers. The systems are installed in retail spaces and parking areas. Malls have been using our IP-based video systems for many years to monitor all activity in internal common areas, parking lots, and decks. Property management companies pass along this cost to tenants through their CAM.

Condominiums and apartment buildings use IP-based video to monitor physical locations and access control at gates and perimeter doors and elevators for maintaining security. New state-of-the-art wireless locking devices can now be programmed remotely for rental property owners and property managers.